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Traditional guard service is outdated and ineffective.

That's why we created the worlds first virtual guard platform - miraOS. Our mission is to connect Virtual Surveillance Operations Centers with neighborhood security experts.

A decentralized approach to security is more effective and responsive to the needs of local communities.

Lightning-Fast Surveillance:
Real-time Threat Detection at Unparalleled Speed

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mira can process security incidents with sub-second latency, from anywhere on the planet.

Service providers respond to events instantly and in real time, setting new benchmarks every day.

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Streamline payment collection, and automate vendor payments with smart contracts.

Smart contracts are automatically executed based on predefined conditions and terms.

Create AR and AP consistency, so your team can focus on core objectives.

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Integrate your computer vision data with any system or software.

We provide easy-to-use APIs and no-code connectors so you can use any brand of surveillance camera with minimal effort.

Query any data point, at any time, and see results in less than 100ms.

Unleash the Power of AI:
Correlate billions of threat detection data points

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Business Intelligence

Empower better decisions with a BI engine that surfaces valuable insights and real-time analytics.

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Embrace data-driven, scientific decision making. Every department from marketing to operations can utilize data to make better choices.

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User Behaviour

Gain insight into customer preferences, engagement patterns, and buying behavior.

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AI Predictions

Identify trends, spot opportunities, and address potential challenges swiftly.

Rapid Responses:
The ultimate goal for all virtual guard providers

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20+ integrations

Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors and duplications.

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Seamless data sync

This ensures seamless connectivity and interoperability with existing security and management tools.

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Role Based Access Control

Maintain granular control over data access, authentication, and authorization, keeping your sensitive information protected at all times.

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