Visual AI Monitoring for
Workplace Safety

The complete solution to monitor, analyse, and respond to COVID19 and safety risks.

Enable immediate
preventative action

Cameras connected to Local Security SafeSpaces can alert the safety manager or appropriate authority if the mandated procedures are not strictly followed.

Real-time insights into
people & space safety 

Customised computer vision algorithms analyse footage from onsite video cameras to ensure employees are maintaining safe distances from one another.

Detect safety and

Automate monitoring of people wearing personal protective equipment, following standard operating procedures, & maintaining personal hygiene.

Remotely monitor all activity and safety incidents across all your sites through Local Security's Safety Indexes.

  • Detect social + asset distance violations 
  • Monitor PPE/face mask violations
  • Track clusters of people 
  • Audit sanitisation procedures 

Get real time insights into safety incidents and extract actionable intelligence.

  • Replay video snippets of incident violations 
  • Determine high violation zones 
  • Review sanitisation protocols 
  • See who frequently violates SOPs 

Marshall your resources where needed and respond directly from the Local Security SafeSpaces dashboard. 

  • Immediately alert managers of priority incidents 
  • Set up automatic notifications/SMS alerts 
  • Quickly triage issues and respond to incidents 
  • Generate daily reports to review and update SOPs 

Safety indexes to marshal resources and take action  

SafeSpaces safety indexes help enterprises monitor safety & compliance, and enable actionable response, simplifying the transition to this new normal.

Local Security SafeSpaces Safety Indexes

Social Distancing

Track distance between people, groups and assets in in real time and get notified of violations.

Cluster Density

Measure and restrict how crowded an area is to prevent the spread through proactive response.

Safety Compliance

Measure how safe people are in a given area with respect to hygiene, safety compliances, and PPE.

Sanitisation Measures

Ensure that proper sanitary measures are being taken and mandated guidelines are being followed at scale.

Social Distancing  

Track & monitor the gathering and movements of people to ensure social distancing

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Safety Compliance

Detect safety violations & check if people are adhering to the safety compliances like wearing masks in public places.


Ensure that proper sanitary measures are being taken and mandated guidelines are being followed at scale.

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Surface Contamination

Prevent the spread of contamination across common materials & surfaces by tracking the sanitisation and placement of various objects.

Connect any video stream 

Attach your existing camera feeds to the Local Security SafeSpaces platform, connect them to Local Security's computer vision based ML services, and monitor safety incidents, extract actionable visual insights, and respond in real-time.

Every enterprise needs a solution


Safety + Sanitisation
Space Management


Patient Experience
Healthcare Monitoring
Regulatory Compliance


Automated Inspection
SOP Compliance
Workforce Management


Traffic Management
Public Safety
Visual Recognition

Local Security SafeSpaces AI provides a state-of-the-art computer vision development platform that enables enterprises to build robust customised solutions to detect people, processes, and assets.

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