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Baby Ducks

See a baby duck on its back? Don't Worry!
Sometimes these little guys flip over.
Mama duck or a staff member will right them!

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Critteraid is a place where hope has survived and where people can work together in harmony with one another to carry on an endeavour that started off as a thought, as a dream, by the founder and past President Deborah Silk (McBride).

This organization was started by Deborah 28 years ago and was born out of her immense love and compassion for animals that is truly beyond words to describe. Her incredible work ethic and tenacity has pulled us through many trials and tribulations.

We thank our lucky stars everyday knowing that if it wasn’t for Deborah’s perseverance we would not have the opportunity that we have today; which is to make a difference in our community and the lives of so many animals in need!

- Lori Stewart - President, Critteraid