Use your Security System to Save Money: Part 2

With today’s tough business environment, every company needs to maximise their efficiency.

But wait, you say, this is about a security system. Security only costs money, it cant create value!”

If we were talking about old school security I would agree. It’s a required business cost with a single purpose. But new Products are so much more. They can

  • Reduce Shoplifting and alert you to repeat offenders
  • Destroy Inside Theft
  • Proactively Alert Suspicious Activity
  • Oversee Employee work hours and productivity


The rat of retails, the crucible of conveniences, the louts of liquor;

all refer to shoplifters.

A recent customer described their losses as “100’s of thousands in the first quarter of 2020” and they are not alone. Combating shoplifting has been one of the primary uses of cameras since the beginning.

Cameras are a great choice for locations with shoplifting.

They give potential delinquents an alert that someone is watching and proactively change behaviour.

But what happens if they do it and no one notices?

Well, they do it again. And again.

How about instead new recognition technology that alerts you to people previously identified as shoplifters as soon as they enter your location?

Or loitering alerts giving notifications if someone is standing in the same small area for too long?

Give your staff the tools to be proactive by showing high customer service and attention to identified concerning individuals, changing and preventing the behaviour before it even happens.

Inside Theft

One of the most uncomfortable company situations is the experience of employee theft. No matter how well you screen employees, occasionally one will succumb to the temptations.

Installing cameras is not just for outside criminals but also to deter inside theft with coverage of valuable work materials.

Notifications and camera clips sent directly to your email from activity in storage rooms can help you stay on top inside theft.

Change behaviour by installing cameras in obvious locations.

Create a process to document transfer of inventory from loading areas to storage to ensure no items are “misplaced” in transit.

Place cameras to watch tills and other places where physical money changes hands to ensure honesty and proper handling.

Suspicious Activity Control

Common Scenarios:

You get woken up at 3AM by a call from the monitoring company notifying you your shop window has been smashed and they are sending the police.

You arrive at work in the morning and find out a criminal siphoned all the fuel from the work vehicles, causing a bunch of lost work hours fixing the situation

You are called by the police on Sunday asking about a work vehicle found abandoned   many kilometers away from the work parking lot

Contrast the above with this

 The Virtual Guard sends you scheduled morning report there was an occurrence outside the shop where they set off the outdoor siren when the push notifications revealed an individual carrying a large rock approached the shop

         The cameras signal an individual outside the fenced compound carrying something. As they jump the fence the guard escalates the situation, sets off the 168 Db outdoor siren, and the trespasser panics and runs away, dropping what is later to be revealed as a gas can.

         The guard gets an alert for unexpected activity from an opened gate at night. They immediately alert the police of a vehicle theft crime in progress and provide identifying characteristics, resulting in the stopping of the vehicle a short drive away and the apprehension of the criminals

What’s the difference? The ability to be proactive with suspicious situations because of advance warning procedures in place.

Employee Work Productivity

The name of the game has always been get the most work out of the  least amount of individuals without causing lower company morale. But how do you monitor that in a meaningful way, with the lowest number of variables affecting performance?

Some of the historical options

  • More managers
  • Timesheets
  • KPI
  • Training

But managers cost money, Timesheets can be faked, KPI causes employees to only work to fulfil the required conditions, and training is great. 

Security can be configured to create all the above benefits

  • Fewer managers can oversee more employees with positioned cameras
  • Passcode with Photo identification timesheets cannot be faked
  • Video data can be used to verify work efficiency and areas of improvement, and Create targeted Training plans to maximise employee growth

Save money on staff, only pay for correct work hours, and increase training efficiency 

Each of the above is a great chance to allow multi-use out of a required system, changing from a “required for insurance cost” to a “company value added service”

If you want a discovery call to see how these systems are built, give us a call today! Or read more about Low Cost Security Improvements Here!

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