Security Hacks that Flop

8 Security decisions that won’t work like you expect:

  1. Fake cameras
  2. Landline only security
  3. Covering motion detectors
  4. Panel in line of sight from windows/close to doors
  5. *you are on camera signs*
  6. *no valuables inside signs
  7. Leaving doors and gates open because its convenient
  8. Self monitored security

Fake Cameras

The difference between a 20$ fake blinking light camera and a professional camera are substantial. Professional security cameras are metal instead of plastic, they have a bracket on the base, and they shine like a cat's eye in the dark. They don’t have a blinking red light.  

Suggestion -> contact a company for expert installation or DIY recording cameras with storage

Landline Security

Yup, it costs you pennies on the dollar for landline security, but for some corresponding severe vulnerabilities. 

  • Power goes out -> system doesn’t send alarm
  • Phone line cut -> system doesn’t send alarm
  • Panel tampered  -> system doesnt send alarm

Suggestion -> Upgrade to a Cellular system with an internal battery

Covering Motion Detectors

I know it was frustrating with the old style motion detectors which went off from spiders, and mice, and plants, but covering the motion is not the answer. New technology uses infrared heat detection with minimum size limits. No more wind false alarms!

Suggestion ->Update to more modern Motion Detectors and take that tape off!

Panel in Line of Sight from Doors and Windows

The convenience is great when you can just walk inside the door and immediately disarm the system, but what about when the criminal can look inside and notice the system wasn’t armed this evening. Huge security risk

Suggestion-> Move it behind a wall at least one corner away from line of sight to prevent knowledge about arming state!

“Smile! You are on Camera” Signs

An alert to a potential disreputable individual that the business may have chosen to buy a sign instead of cameras. Draws attention to the fact that someone else may have broken in, therefore they also might be able to do the same.

Suggestion -> Put a recording camera and monitor in an obvious location near the front door. They will notice.

Leaving Company Gate Open

It's convenient in the morning coming to work, it allows faster vehicle movement during the day, and you are tired at the end of the day and shutting the gate just feels difficult. But it is a huge security risk and has a direct impact on crime rate increase even during daytime.

Suggestion -> Institute company procedures to only have an open gate when directly using. Install a gate sensor to ensure it is closed every evening.

Self Monitored Security

The business has a siren, and you get notifications if something happens. But what happens when you go on vacation, or go to sleep, or are having an evening at a friends house, or go on a business trip, or are in a late meeting and the alarm sends you a notification? 

Suggestion -> get a professional company to monitor 24/7 and free up your spare time for other more important things

Unfortunately all the above ideas can look like great ones if the consequences are not immediately felt. Each of the above situations increases your chances of a security incident, not reduces it.

If you would like to discuss any of the ideas presented here and go more into depth about the pros and cons, why not give us a call or comment below! 

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